The One Thing That You Can Do Today To Improve Your Facebook Page

Untitled design (53)There are a ton of things one can do to improve their Business Facebook Page, but if you had to choose the one thing that you could do that would improve your page it’s this: Stop treating your Facebook Page like it’s your website. It’s SOCIAL Media, and that means that you need to talk to people. I see this mistake all of the time. A company will post beautiful content, great stories, great photos. People will like the photo, and some will even comment on the post. This is your chance to engage with your customer or potential new customer. At least say, “Thank you!” add a smiley face emoji. If you want to score big points, and get even more engagement, use their name in your response, ask them a question, give them a compliment, engage with them on a personal level. This is the biggest difference between your Facebook page and your website. And, incidentally, Facebook rewards you by lifting your content higher in their algorithm. Facebook gives a higher rating to quality content. They determine quality content by the engagement the post is getting. So, the more comments (including yours) the higher up the algorithm you go, which means it’s shown to more people. So, there you have it. Don’t just post. Engage with your fans!